What Can Be Composted

Generally anything that was once a plant can be composted!

Remember that a 50/50 mix of soft, sappy and quite often “green” materials with dry hard and fibrous “brown” materials will give you good results within 8 - 12months.


Grass Cutting

Nettles – no roots

Soft Pruning’s

Bedding Plants

Pond weed

Crop debris

Fruit skins

Vegetable peelings

Tea & Coffee grounds


Fallen leaves –or can be used to make leaf mould

Twigs & stems

Branches – chopped up

Hedge trimmings



Bark Chippings

Woody Shrubs

Paper & Cardboard


Do not compost – weeds in seed, persistent weeds e.g. docks & bindweed (there are many more), nappies, cooked food waste, meat & fish waste, coal ash, cat & dog faeces, diseased plants, man-made fibres, glass, sand, metal and plastics.